1) A FULL PROGRAM - consisting of songs and testimonies
that lead into the Broadway-style musical drama "Happy Endings" approx. 1 hour 15 min.


2) Only VARIOUS SONGS AND TESTIMONIES - adjustable and  tailored to time available.


3)  Only MUSICAL DRAMA  - "Happy Endings" approx. 40 - 45 min.

 Synopsis - "Happy Endings"

Everybody loves happy endings, and Charlie , the musical's main character, can always count on a happy ending--so long as her TV remote is within reach. Come along as Charlie channel-surfs her way to...a financial windfall..true romance...and a fence-mending heart-to-heart.
Charlie's a bit of a perfectionist. She figure that, if everybody does their best, well then, everybody should experience their "happy ending."  She yearns for a perfect world, a place where there's security, commitment, and understanding.  So it's surprising that disappointment has a way of sneaking up on her.The musical begins as Charlie skips a night out with friends to curl up with her remote and go on a "dreamer's holiday."  Song-filled stories take her into a world where people make a difference and things turn out right in the end.  But can Charlie handle it when they don't?  Her friend Trudy is by her side to point her in the right direction. See how a harmless escape into TV-land brings Charlie face-to-face with her heart's desire-Jesus Christ.

There is no charge for booking Cornerstone Singers performances for we believe the gospel is free. Although love offerings and honorarium are appreciated to help with our travel expenses. Additional tour details need to be discussed in depth.  Our CD albums are available for sale at the each of the end of each performance. 

If you would like to book us for performances,
Call (415) 562-3325 or Email