1) A FULL PROGRAM - consisting of songs and testimonies
that lead into the Broadway-style musical drama "Do You Smell
Strawberries" approx. 1 hour 15 min.


2) Only VARIOUS SONGS AND TESTIMONIES - adjustable and  tailored to time available.


3)  Only MUSICAL DRAMA  - "Do You Smell Strawberries?" approx. 45 - 50 min.


Synopsis of "Do you Smell Strawberries?"

“Do You Smell Strawberries?” is a Broadway-style musical, written and performed by Cornerstone Singers.

We follow the story of Nathan, who by God’s grace embarks on one final journey with a not so “typical” angel named Mo. He sees the private pains of his sister, Callie and his best friend, Todd. He knows God is the only answer for them.

Nathan has talked to Callie before regarding how God’s love can give her worth, however Callie has never shown interest. Instead, she puts all her energy in her career to prove her sense of self. When Callie starts working with a special client, Mary, the deep emptiness in Callie’s heart finally rears it’s ugly head and causes her to question all the external success she has achieved. Mo reminds Nathan God is sovereign while he watches Callie uncontrollably let her sense of insecurity be revealed. Mary knows that there is one thing and one thing only she can do for Callie. 

Meanwhile, Todd’s love of his life has just left him. Obsessed to win her back, he slowly slips into a depression. Nathan watches helplessly as his friend turns to all the wrong things to try to forget the pain. Other concerned friends from church try to divert Todd’s attention without success. At this point, Nathan burst out in anger against Mo and God for being passive, Mo puts Nathan in his place.

Comforting their distress, we find Callie and Todd eating desserts at the Angelic CafĂ©. Nathan witnesses how God is working when Mary catches up with Callie and shares her own testimony of experiencing God’s unconditional love. He also sees Todd’s friends demonstrate how his obsession is misplacing God by performing a short but poignant melodrama.

Will Mary’s testimony affect Callie? Will the melodrama change Todd? Will Nathan submit to God’s sovereignty? Come and find out. Will you smell strawberries?

There is no charge for booking Cornerstone Singer performances for we believe the gospel is free. Although love offerings and honorarium are appreciated to help with our travel expenses. Additional tour details need to be discussed in depth. Our CD albums are available for sale at the end of each performance.

If you would like to book us for performances,
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